Media Dept.

Media Dept.


360º Tours:

Now a days where travel is limited, a 360º virtual tour of your property is the ideal way for future buyers to experience a property allowing them to navigate freely online from one room to another, before even making the trip to visit, and therefore narrowing their search for when the time is right to travel.

We offer 3 methods of creating your 360º Tours, depending on the space of the property and time provided:


1.) We use DSLR ́s High Dynamic Range photo system. Merging different exposures to create a RAW high resolution image. A 360o photo will consist of at least twelve images, as a result, it produces much higher quality tours than other mainstream 360o camera solutions.


2.) We use our latest 3D Matterport Pro2 technology equipment to accurately scan the entire property, creating 360o tours with our specific Matterport software.


3.) For smaller apartments we will use Matterports sister cameras which has a smaller and lighter build, therefore able to use in tight and narrow spaces, also replicating option 2.



Make sure that the property is well staged for taking professional photos so we can provide the best first impression of the house.

You can only make a first impression once and photos are mainly the first thing buyers come in contact with when looking for a new property. Good photos are often the decisive factor whether a potential buyer chooses to request more information or look further. It is therefore very important that the photos are inviting, professional and portray your property online in the best possible manner.
Our Media specialist knows the importance, and has the know-how of capturing the best angles and lighting to provide professional quality photos making your property stand out from all the others, as well as the major importance of having that “Hot shot” as the first picture.


Taking property images to the next level.

In a generation where social media is rapidly providing a prominent role in marketing, video is king. An Advert with a good cinematic video immediately gets your attention, it stands out and keeps the interest of the potential viewer, which is why its the perfect way to convey a feeling, atmosphere or lifestyle. 
Video shoots are edited in-house by our marketing team of professionals and are tailored to client specifications. Music, audio effects and graphics added to the videos are all licenced and paid directly to the artists.


Floor plans are highly recommended to emphasize the property’s possibilities, providing insight in space connectivity. 2D Floor plans give potential buyers the opportunity to view the actual layout with different perspectives.
This feature is important, not only to give a full overview of the property, size and sense of space but also how they are connected, and the possibility of how it can be refurbished.  We have our own professional equipment that allow us to construct accurate floorplans.

Drones / UAV:

Drones allow us to capture your property from almost any angle and height. It´s the ideal manner to showcase the grandeur of a property or plot and bring into view its entire natural surroundings and neighbouring towns giving the viewer at home the best impression possible.


On the Costa Del Sol, where everything is centered around views and proximity to the beach, drone photography and videography is often the ideal option to showcase your property with a beautiful backdrop whilst also bringing into view its surrounding environment.
Our UAS/Drone Pilots and Operators are licensed by AESA, they´re insured and compliant with Heliport (LEMB) Marbella´s coordination agreement between restricted use infrastructures and drone/uas operator.
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